Favorite latin phrases or sentences

or any latin phrase you want to share because I know we’re all sick of reading dura lex, sed lex :smash:

Mine would have to be

“Hic sunt dracones”


which is usually translated to “here be dragons” (literally translation is “here are dragons” if I’m not mistaken).

It’s a reference to the medieval practice of putting drawings of dragons and and other mythological creatures on uncharted areas of maps to warn of potential dangers.



Ad astra per aspera and Pacta sunt servanda


^Nakakatawa 'yung bastardized version sa Twitter: dura at durex bago sad sex sa uratex

Vox populi, vox dei - ginamit ko sa presidential campaign ko noong HS :laugh:

Mea culpa - ginagamit ng ex-boss ko, so namana ko na rin

Carpe diem - Dead Poets Society syempre

Verum est - ginagamit ko sa mga joke, equivalent ng “Talaga ba?”


Popular kid ka pala eh :laugh: Or were you promising to follow the voice of the majority once you were elected? :laughing:

Favorite ko rin pala dati ang Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus :dragon: nung Harry Potter fan pa ako :mage:‍♂

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon



I took Latin 10 and also studied translation theory- at ngayon medyo nahirapan akong mamili kung alin ang favorite ko. For now, I’d say it would have to be

Quem Iuppiter vult perdere prius dementat

Whom Jupiter wishes to destroy he first makes mad.

Gustong-gusto ko kung paano 'to ginamit ni Rizal sa Noli Me Tangere. If you are able to read the original in Spanish, one of the Dominican friars quotes this line while conversing with another friar, and it is just so ironic, blasphemous, and witty all at the same time :laugh: A Catholic friar referring to a Roman deity (Greek: Zeus), quietly forgetting that the Doctors of the Church have already expunged ‘Jupiter’ from that quotation and converted it into ‘Deus’. Hindi ba’t napaka-civilized at highbrow ng humor ni Rizal sa eksenang ito. Unfortunately, yung mga translated version na pinababasa sa mga HS students wala na yung mga (or karamihan ng mga) Latin quotations.

I also like De gustibus non est disputandum


I learned this at work, as we trade over the phone and “done” is a powerful word:

Dictum meum pactum

Translation: my word is my bond.

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Omnia vincit amor.
(“Love conquers all.”)


memento mori
“Remember you must die.”

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Lorem ipsum dolor… :rotfl:


Ube, ube, sub ube meus.

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Parang nabasa ko to sa Red Rising trilogy?
Ay wait… hic sunt leones pala yun haha.

The usual everyday ones: bona fide, ad hoc, de facto, bonus,

If im feeling specially pretentious :laugh: :
raison d’etre
Madalas na logical fallacy na nakikita ko these days: post hoc ergo propter hoc

Yan lang kasi dito (at least at the firm I interned at) highly discouraged ang paggamit ng too much legalese and archaic language even in contracts. Bonus points sa drafter who can make any complex M&A documents read easy for lay people.


Medicus curat, natura sanat

The physician cares while nature heals


Viam inveniam aut faciam.
I’ll find a way or make one.


First thing that came to mind:

Ad majora natus sum
I am born for greater things

School motto namin :smiley: (Elementary/High School)


Ahhh yes!
Remember how we always had to put a cross and AMNS on our test papers @whatsy ? Tapos minus points pagnakalimutan yan ilagay :hahaha:

OT: Servus
Slave or “at your service”. But having lived in Munich for years, I’ve gotten used to saying this as a greeting (for hello and goodbye).

Necessitas non habet legem.
Necessity has no law.

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Per aspera ad astra.

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Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

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fortis Fortuna adiuvat

plus ultra

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Ingenio et Labore

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Ang napapanahon na:

in flagrante delicto

Pero deny, deny until you die pa rin! :laugh:

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