Facebook slowdown 24 Sept 2020

Anyone having issues with Facebook just now? Suddenly taking a long time to load. Could it be pushback from their recent takedown of China-based pages?

What’s your ISP? Loads in 3.4 seconds for me.

Maybe it’s this?

Though friends using Converge already mentioned that Facebook has been slow for them recently.

I was also thinking its PLDT but other pages seem to load fine, except for YT w/c seems to have reverted to low resolutions.

How bad is the slowdown?

FB is loading but a bit slow on the desktop, Messenger is taking forever to load. YT seems to have bounced back to 720 but earlier it went as low as 144 res.

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That is troublesome. I’m on Sky so maybe it has something to do with PLDT’s routes to Facebook. You might want to try using a VPN :laughing:

Now everything is slow. Likely the effect of the submarine cable maintenance.

FB, IG and WhatsApp down