Ethel Booba disowns controversial Twitter account

Welp. Have we been catfished the entire time? Though parang kinonfirm naman niya dati na account niya yun (citation needed). Guess they got to her :neutral_face:

Smells fishy to me. Never niya dineny ang acct na yan back when it made controversial tweets (and even recently). also, It served her well in promoting her book. Tapos just one day, magsasabi siya na fake acct yun?

Parang something is wrong. Is she being silenced? Threatened? Basically, what gives? Haha


Wouldn’t put it past them. This admin is ruthless. They did jail a senator and removed a chief justice. Also, the drug war. I can only imagine the pressure they put on her. Ang suspicious lang talaga. :expressionless:


Totoo. Ang wierd talaga ng timing. After all these years? People are stanning pa naman her #charot and #notcharot tweets. And she never denied those, until today. There are receipts na she acknowledges the tweets as her own (or that of her admin’s). Tapos ngayon, fake tweets na lahat?

So parang si @senyora lang pala yung handle na yun? She was just a fictional character? Ganun? Pumayag siya na gamitin ng ibang tao ang pangalan niya for many years only to deny it one morning? Hahah

Sabi nga ni Piolo P “I demand an explanation! I demand an acceptable reason!” :fuming: haha


Na-catfish ba talaga tayo or talagang may gusto lang mag-silence kay Ethel?

Exactly. Style naman yan ng DDS eh. They seem to be targeting the more popular “threats”.

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Baka naman nag away away sila ng co handler ng twitter account nya! Alam nyo na usapang pera! :joy:


I came here to say exactly that.

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ito yun siguro. baka yung nagrerenta ng name niya walang pambayad ngayong ecq kaya naghimutok si ateng at naglabas ng sama ng loob hahaha.

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Hahaha hays pandagdag sa poproblemahin ng mga tao! :rofl:


The Twitter account admin has surfaced :smiley:

The administrator clarified that the account is not Ethel’s official page and started as a parody page that the administrator created last 2012, not because he is a fan of the comedienne, but because parody accounts were a craze back then.

Not sure if we can take his/her word for it.

But when the parody account became popular, the administrator said the sexy comedienne started to claim it as her own and even told the press in interviews that she was the one posting the jokes when in fact, the punchlines came from the administrator, who said he was never paid by Ethel for everything he did for the account.

In fact, according to the administrator, Ethel even profited from the parody account since the administrator forwarded all gigs and inquiries to the performer, for which she allegedly charged P80,000 to P100, 000 per appearance. The comedienne, said the administrator, never offered him commissions or fees for all the commercial inquiries he gave her.

I am liking Ethel less and less. She’s kind of a dick. At least if this story is true.

who would you rather believe though?

the actual person who went live on video and allowed herself to be interviewed? or the one who remains anonymous 9 years and counting?

She’s back.


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IMHO, sana palitan na niya ang name. :woman_shrugging:

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I hope if she is really the person behind the account to stand up and own it. Ang daming nalilinlang na kasi - nakaka-disappoint.

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Ano balita dito? maintain pa rin following nya on her “new” account?

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IAmCharotism has 1.6M followers on Twitter
EthelBooba6 has 4k followers

IAC ends its tweets with Charot!
EB6, with Happy?

IAC is still witty
EB6 is cringey