End of Days

A global pandemic (considered a plague in olden times), locust infestations (that turn the morning sky as black as night), rising sea temperatures (boiling seas) and natural disasters left and right that’s already triggering massive deaths and hunger all actoss the world. Are we experiencing the prophesied apocalypse?

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it’s a scary thought. :unhappy: coz probably we are. im not sure if my soul is ready for it. Feel ko naman, hindi ako makasalanan. :uneasy:

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Minus the dramatic locusta, there is actually an insect pest ithat is currrently sweeping across Aisa (galing na siya sa North and South America, Africa). Then meeron din African Swine Fever. Both threaten global food security ha.

Dito sa Africa madami pang nangyayari - locusts infestation, Ebola, covid19. Dami din man-made disasters. Ano na lang

Fall armyworm?

Feeling ko naman coincidence lang. The same can be said for the times na may giyera sa Middle East di ba, o kaya yung nung Cold War period.

Kasalukuyan pa kasi nangyayari yung COVID-19 so di pa natin masabi gaano kalala itong “tribulation” na to. Buti pala walang nangyari run sa issue between Iran and US no? Could have been worse.

Well unprecedented tong COVID-19 in the sense that it’s causing worldwide economic downturns di tulad ng mga pandemic dati na di naman naapektuhan ang karamihan ng mga bansa dahil isolated yung spread.

Yung locust attacks din are unprecedented too many things happening at the same time that’s causing a lot of environmental, social and even economic stresses , may climate change pa

and the end is not even in sight

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Nah. Just another blip.

In a sense, yes, it’s the end of one kind of normal. We’re entering a new phase. A new reality. New Earth is being born. And if you’ve ever given birth to anything, there’s pain accompanying the process. Keep breathing, ride the surges, and we’ll come out of the other side with a shiny new reality that is hopefully better than we all thought possible.


Yeah hopefully, but it’s shaping up to be one helluva painful blip

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Yep. Fall Armyworm.

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Marami lang hassle na ganap

I remember hearing similar “talks” during the July 1990 earthquake and 1991 Pinatubo eruption.

Ang hirap lang kasi sa COVID-19 crisis, di gaya ng lindol o eruption o bagyo na pag tapos na, tapos na. Maaaring maraming mamatay pero may certainty na “yun na yon”.

Sa COVID, for sure matatagalan pa to. Kahit matapos ang ECQ, may peace of mind na ba tayo? Di rin. At the back of our minds may lingering worry na baka kaharap mo ay carrier pala.