Elections 2022

Too early to discuss ba? Nah.

Dapat ngayon pa lang, we should be assessing possible candidates. 2022 should definitely not be a year for any DDS candidate. Kakasuka na.


Fearless forecast: Leni vs BBM vs Cayetano vs Cynthia Villar. No Inday Sara as it seems the Duts family is sick and tired of the politics of Imperial Manila.

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Based on surveys pre-COVID two of the favored front-runners are Tito Sen and Grace Poe, this is a formidable combo if backed up by RSA moneys

Buti na lang may mga pangalan na lumilitaw. Ayoko mangyari ulit yung out of nowhere, may katulad na naman si Duterte na tatakbo at mananalo. Tapos puro broken promises :frowning:

How about Yorme? I actually think tatakbo siya higher office ng 2022.

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Medyo nagiging trapo na si Yorme. Sad

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True. Nakakalungkot. Sana wag maging ganyan si vico…

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Vico is a communist supporter. Hard pass.

Someone’s in the wrong forum here.

Back to the topic: trapo naman talaga si Yorme. He’s just the least of 3 evils in a race against Erap and Lim.


I thought they were grooming Bong Go for the presidency? Don’t think the Dutertes would be satisfied with just Davao now that they’d had a taste of more power. So I’m betting Sara will run with Bong Go or Pacquiao or whoever.

We’ll just have to revisit this thread on 2022 (assuming we’ll still have elections by then :joy:)


Misdirection lang yung Bong Go, in my opinion. Julalay ng president to president real quick?

Sus sa peyups 1.0 nga anhilig mag misdirection ng mga student formations :sweat_smile:

Either way, papayag ba ang solid north na hindi si BBM ang patatakbuhin?

Cynthia Villar was #1 senator. Villar for president 2.0?

Cayetano. Well. May sense of entitlement :sweat_smile:

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I hope you’re right. I’m from Mindanao and he’s rather popular there. Huhu. Sa Visayas din. You don’t know how many posters of his I had to see on my ride home :scream: So I can’t really dismiss him.

Sabi nga ni Taylot Swift, I got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined. Sino ang mga big NO NO

Cynthia Villar - anti-nurse, anti-research. Ultimate letdown siguro sya during a pandemic.

Mukhang nakikiramdam sa pulso ng tao sina Bong Go at Pacquiao ngayon pa lang. We’re doomed if that happens. :headshake:

^Truths. I hate that Pacquiao is blurring the lines between a senator and a philanthropist


Bong Go will NOT run for President. PDP-Laban and its allies are hoping of a Duterte-Duterte (Inday + Digong) in 2022. Cynthia is a wildcard. I’m not discounting Manny.

Sure candidates are Leni and Grace Poe. God help us.

Ano pong basehan mo? Just curious.

I agree. Pag may makinarya kahit di kilala, nananalo.

Oh God please no to Bong Go

Basehan ng alin? Yung Leni at Grace?