Dreams in the time of Corona

People are having weird dreams during this quarantine time. As Vox reported “Many have anecdotally reported having weirder, more vivid dreams than usual” .


For me, this happened last march 31, 2020 and I posted this in FB:

“I had this very weird dream early this morning. I was chosen to be part of an international space mission team. The world was anticipating for that mission trip because it seems the earth is in danger and people all over the earth were applauding. The plan was, our spacecraft will stay over above pacific ocean because that was the idle point to the job. However, as we launch towards space little over the atmosphere, our aircraft exploded. As our consciousness went back, we were floating in space with our suits on attached to a metal where we were seated connected to our other colleagues. I tried to get myself off… then I woke up. Its 3:00 AM.”

What have you been dreaming these past few days? Please share! :hugs:


I had my first Corona-themed dream like a couple of days ago. I dreamt that there was no lineup to get into the grocery. I remember feeling relieved over this and wondered how we got to this point. I went straight to the toilet paper aisle and lo and behold it was fully stacked.

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Every night nananaginip ako very vividly since lockout. Naalala ko sila lahat paggising. Walang kuneksyon sa lockout o covid. Pero wala rin katuturan lahat.

Ito yung best so far. Nasa movie set ako kausap yung director. Shinushoot yung bagong Matrix movie. Tapos may napansin akong taong umiilaw na blue green sa sulok, nagtatago. Tinuro ko sa director at tinanong kung sino sya. Sya daw yung bagong bida. Si “Neon.”

Nagising ako sa sobrang inis.


Same! Akala ko something’s wrong with me. Good to know normal naman pala at this time.

Once, I dreamt of a friend’s daughter and her bf in my dream. I mentioned it to my friend the day after and medyo nagulat siya because her daughter’s bf (actually ex na) is in the hospital now, comatose from a motorcycle accident recently lang.

I also saw my parents and a few of my close friends in my dreams. We’re doing regular stuff - daldalan and chikahan, parang sa BGC yung background.

I think namimiss ko na mga tao at umaabot na sa subconscious ko yung mga gusto kong gawin after nitong quarantine. :tearseyes:

Lol, my husband dreamt he was in a space station the other night. He needed to pee daw pero di sya kasya sa toilet ng space station. :rofl:

My dreams have been weiiiiiirrdddd. Minsan may celebrity pa. Last week it was Keanu Reeves, he was helping me with something, such a nice guy in my dream. The week before that, Cate Blanchett. :star_struck:

There was one dream where I was trying to get from one place to another, and then maraming obstacles. My elem school crush crashed my car, then I had to walk, then I lost my way, then tried to cut through a mall. I ended up at a posh hotel resort. It had a multi layered pool, one pool was milky, like Iceland’s blue lagoon. An Indian employee thought I was a guest waiting for my massage and told me to wait by the pool. So I did. I sat on a lounger, looked up and saw my desired final destination a few buildings away - so near and yet so far. And then I gave up, realized I’ll never reach my destination, so I’d better just admire the pool.