But i think that’s the same principle that the husbands are thinking. Yung knowing that he’s not wet, hungry, too cold, too warm, then letting him cry to sleep is OK. Sa co-sleeping nga lang may choice kasi talaga na itabi sayo unlike with driving.

So yun. Nanay talaga ang may gusto ng co-sleeping :joy:

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I also didn’t practice the crying out method. Siguro in the first place, I get annoyed din pag iyak nang iyak kaya I would do anything to stop the crying. Even if you know that your kid is fed, changed, and warm…but what if what he really needs is the comfort from his mom/dad? You can never give enough hugs and kisses to your child. Hindi kami ma-hug ng parents ko, pero sinabi ko sa sarili ko, I would be different. As long as my boys still want to hug and kiss me, I will give them as much as I can and I will cherish those moments. Sa tingin ko mas magiging emotionally well-adjusted ang isang bata kapag madaming nareceive na affection, contrary to others’ belief na magiging mama’s boy. Di ba may studies sila sa mga abandoned/foster kids who did not get enough affection growing up?

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I am of the attachment parenting school, but it isn’t due to a thoughtful choice–I can’t be anything else, it’s physically impossible for me :lol: Our parent group here always tease me na I’m a helicopter mom in the making.

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Ganun na nga (I received the same spiel din) and now I know better.

Sa case namin nanay yung gusto na co-sleep but ako yung actually nag co-sleep. May benefit din naman, because this way I get enough time to sleep. And sometimes I’m excused from doing other chores.

Yung anak ko ito yung drama lately sa gabi. So sinusubukan ko na nga siya iwan sa bed like for 10-15 minutes, just to see if he can sleep on his own. Pagbalik ko, sasabihin na “I’m having a hard time sleeping, and you never give me enough hugs.” So Child 1 - Dad 0. :embarasslaff:


Ive made her sleep in her own room since she was in 2nd grade. Kaso lumilipat talaga sa kwarto ko. I always get teased by my other mommy friends na bakit daw atat na atat ako na humiwalay ng kwarto ang anak ko, hahanap hanapin ko raw yung nakakatabi siya pag malaki na sya - i’m like, nakita niyo na ba kung gaano kalikot matulog ang batang yan? Also, how will she become independent?

I mean, I love the kid but maaaan. She has to start sleeping in her own room na. She’ll hafto anyway when she moves out when she turns 18. Lol

So true and I’m married to one! So, the first year and a half, may sariling room yung anak namin but now, he’s co-sleeping with me. Even if we put him in his own bed, he wakes up in the middle of the night to snuggle with us. Dadgdag mo pa yung aso nakiki-snuggle so most of the time, the hubby ends up sleeping in my son’s bed.

Rigid sa nap time yung asawa ko so right now na hindi pa siya balik sa work full-time, I let him do nap time while I’m at work. He puts him to sleep sa bed niya and it’s ok naman.

Hubby gets the nap routine and I get the bed routine for our son. Wait and see pa how he will do and if he will go to his bed na on his own without us having to put him to sleep.

Hi parents. Naisip ko paano ba sleep habits ng mga LOs ninyo. I just got curious kasi sobrang erratic ng sleep schedule ni LO. I guess partly to blame ito sa sarili kong erratic schedule pre COVID. Hindi kasi pareho ang uwi ko gabi gabi. And sleep prop niya nga na katabi si mommy at nakadede. Kaya di sha nakakatulog without me.

Now his sleep window is between 9:30 PM to 11:40 PM. His average stretch of sleep is 9 hours. Minsan he hits 10 or 11 hours but not always. Sa araw he has 2 short naps when hubby or me really tries. As in rocking dark room and spending 30 mins to 1 hour putting him to sleep.

I am so jealous of moms who say their kids sleep between 7 PM to 7 AM without a fight :wow: ang sarap nun. I want that for my kid though he has never been a good sleeper since birth. Ive tried everything… sleep routine: warm bath, book, cuddle and darkened room, cool temperature (mainitin si baby boy). But he still does not have a predictable sleep schedule. I just wonder if this will change once nag toddler na sya.

Siguro ive searched so much about sleep tips kaya now nagpop up na sa feed ko ang mga ads for Twilight Moshi app na sleep aid daw. Although Im wary na isa na namang technology prop for me im desperate enough to try it. May 7 day free trial naman daw. Just to see if i could get him to sleep 12 hours like my nephews.

I hope baligtad lang ito. :grin: Otherwise, ang aga matrain sa night shift ni baby. :v:t6:

Maybe time to adjust his daytime nap? Siempre hindi ako expert ha, but dyan kasi ako noon nahirapan. Sa transition na maybe he only needs one afternoon nap para maubos na energy by nightime. Hindi ko matanggap na lumaki na sya at active na talaga.

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Lol baligtad nga. Na edit na.