Children’s TV Shows/Movies

Let’s admit, we let our kids watch some shows and movies. Sometimes, we’re strict with screen time. Sometimes, we watch with them ON REPEAT.

We’ve all been kids before…so, do the kids/does the kid watch stuff you watched before? What’s his/her/their favorites?

Do you also screen/curate the stuff they watch? As someone who used to work in media, I review a lot of the materials out there before I put them in my kid’s tablet. I have to say, I lean more towards Cbeebees programming because they’re educational and at the same time hindi annoying yung characters unlike some from PBS Kids or Cocomelon, etc.

Let’s share the shows we watch and stuff to recommend to our fellow parents.


Pati sa mga cartoons/kids shows ang lakas ng appeal ng Korean-made. This is what my 3-year old son watches:

Super Wings
Tayo the Little Bus
Robocar Poli

NMT 30 minutes/day of screen time yung goal namin. Except for weekends when we allow him to watch full-length films.

Also, di mawawala yung Paw Patrol. Namemorize ko na yung mga pangalan at slogan nun mga pups. The most annoying character for me is Daring Danny X, tapos si Mayor Goodway. I actually find Mayor Humdinger amusing. But I don’t recommend Paw Patrol.

Super Wings, I find educational, it utilizes geography, language, and culture as plot devices. The only “unrealistic” part of the plot is when the main character Jett delivers a package, the recipient invites them into their home and goes on an adventure with them. Who invites the postman into their house (and hang out) in the real world? :embarasslaff:

I recently introduced Voltes V, he didn’t like it. But the theme song is on-repeat.

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My son is 4yo now and he’s into Blippi and Dream English Kids. More on action songs. Sa Disney Jr, he likes PJ Mask, Doc McStuffins, Giganto and Rev and Roll.

Blippi is entertaining even for me. Haha. Hindi lang sya kanta kanta. My son learned parts of helicopter, construction vehicles, monster trucks, how to harvest cherries (LoL! How useful!), at iba pa just by watching his show. When it’s not yet tv time, he listens to the songs via spotify (also Bounce Patrol, Wiggles). Pleasant enough naman ang songs unlike baby shark ng pinkfong. Di ba @calvinlucas :grin:

When he’s around 2yo, we let him watch Little Baby Bum, Mother Goose Club, Dave and Ava and Brain Candy TV (lizzy the dog!). Personally, ayoko ng Chu Chu TV dahil di ko type yung boses at animation.

Sa TV lang sya allowed. Napansin kasi namin nagiging impatient pag tablet kasi napapalitan nya agad pag ayaw nya na panoorin.


My girls love Octonauts! Pati nga yung panganay ko na 10 years old na, hanggang ngayon sinasabayan parin niya manood ng Octonauts yung 3 year old niyang kapatid.

We don’t have cable subscription because we want to curate what they watch. We let them watch Ghibli movies, like My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Pero wag muna Graveyard of the Fireflies. We still check which are age-appropriate. What I like about the Ghibli movies - at least the ones by Hayao Miyazaki - the protagonists are girls, and they always have boys alongside them pero nothing romantic. The intention is that pwede naman na friends lang, di kailangan na palaging may nagkakatuluyan, unlike most Disney princess movies.

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Shucks namiss ko ito :hihi: ito baon naming “entertainment” sa device pag kailangan ng distraction when we’re out.

Daughter grew up watching Barney and Disney Junior shows – Angelina Ballerina, Sophia the First, Special Agent Oso, Doc McStuffins, Sheriff Callie, Little Einsteins, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Jungle Junction, Handy Manny. She also enjoyed the Strawberry Shortcake and Hi-5 shows. Meanwhile, son grew up with YouTube hehe. He loved trains so puro Chuggington & Thomas the Train ang pinanood niya, plus Tayo the Little Bus. Both kids passed thru the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stage pala. Hotdog dance! :wiggle:


So now, the specific shows na like ng anak ko:
Learning Time with Timmy - dami niyang natutunang vocabulary words dito
Alphablocks - pati yaya niya na Chinese natututo mag-English kasi phonics show siya
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Hey Duggie - dito nya na pick up yung accent when he says water. May British accent siya when he says “Water!”
Hindi pa siya masyadong inyo Sesame Street

So bale, out of these shows, si Daniel Tiger lang American. Lahat Cbeebies. Dati din he was into Peppa Pig for a time. Now ayaw nya na.

YT naman, help me Jesus, but he likes Baby Shark and the rest of the Pinkfong cartoons. Pati music playlist ko he invaded kasi to calm him down sometimes I have to play Baby Shark.

Movies, Despicable Me and Minions favorite niya.

Medyo naughty and haughty kasi si Peppa. May time before na ginagaya ng anak namin yung pag iyak ni George. Simula nun, iniwasan na namin si Peppa.

Ngayon pinapapanood namin sya ng mga Tagalized cartoons. Di naman kasi sadya, pero mas marunong sya mag English kesa mag Filipino. Eh hindi naman pwede yun lalo magschool na.

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Lucas the Spider on YT helped a lot of people overcome their fear of spider. It has also been picked up by Cartoon Network.

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