Cast iron tips, tricks, and recipes

Just got a cast iron skillet for ECQ, and I’m scared, TBH. I heard they’re indestructible (and I was getting really fed up with buying all these non-stick pans). Anyone here using cast iron cookware regularly? What tips can you share with cast iron newbies?

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I love using my cast iron pans! Halos lahat dyan ko nilulito. From steak, pasta, fried fish, ginisang gulay, at marami pang iba! :inlove:

Madali lang syang kalawangin. I don’t wash it with soap. Just hot water tapos scrub lang nang matindi.


If you’re going to wash it with water, dry it up and apply olive oil. Then heat it up in the oven for a couple of hours. Para di kinakalawang.


I love cooking steak and fried chicken using a cast iron pan :heartpump:

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Paano pag walang oven, pwede heat a bit sa stone?

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^Ang alam ko you can also season your skillet stove top, but you have to heat it evenly (so you have to rotate to cover all sides) and repeatedly (cool a bit, swab oil in between).

If you use it in cooking highly acidic foods, better to season it again after use

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^diba dapat season after each use?

I use it for: dutch babies (oven pancakes), fritatas, fajitas, pork chops na pan friend then oven baked. I tried cooking a steak on it as well, but nothing beats grilling them to be honest. also umuusok sa loob ng bahay if i make steaks on the stove top lol

From two days of use, experimented between seasoning on the stove and seasoning it in the oven. Oven seasoning has better results, but it’s really, really warm.

Once you try cast iron pans, you can never go back to non-stick and stainless steel😊 May two types of cast iron:

Yung cast iron na kelangan i-season, coz bare cast iron sya. Like Lodge, for these pans hindi ako nagluluto ng acidic or anything tomato based, tapos yung utensils hindi metal para hindi mascratch yung seasoning ng pan. Hot water and sponge lang din gamit na panlinis. As for seasoning, nagseason ako once a year lang, via oven. Pag napapsnsin ko na may rusty portion na. Pinapahiran ko lang ng manipis na oil.

Then meron yung enameled cast irons ( Le Creuset, Staub). Hindi na kelangan i-season, hindi rin mangangalawang, and super nice in different colors pa. But, expensive. Still, for me worth it sila as investments ( may ganun?!) Atsaka nagsasale naman sila madalas. So inaabangan ko yung sale every year. Nakakahappy pagmasdan at gamitin ang Le Creuset at Staub😍