Cartoon Characters or Children’s Show Characters You Hate

Dunno if I should put this on parenting or here but I think it’s universal naman we watch or have watched cartoons and children’s TV. Saw this topic as well in one of the hubby’s dad groups.

Madami akong ayaw na characters from my son’s PBS kids line-up. Pinakahate ko si Pinkalicious. She’s super annoying and self centered. It’s blocked on our tablets.

Di ko din type Paw Patrol. Basta there’s something with American shows na talagang naiinis ako. It must be the accent and the voices of the kids. As in I swear I always tell my hubby, our kid better not be like one of those whiny characters on shows we have blocked. For YT naman, yung Ryan na yan. Isa pa yan.


Lavinia sa Princess Sarah
was my answer when I read the topic, but after reading the description, I have nothing to say. I don’t watch cartoons or children shows anymore. :apologetic:

Si Peppa Pig! First encounter ko kasi sa kanya dun sa book na Fun at the Fair
Sinabihan nung labrador yung nanay ni Peppa na “women are useless at this” as in yan mismo yung line ha! dun sa isang game sa fair. I mean, okay, the mommy pig proved the labrador wrong pero meh ang panget ng message. Ayun tinago ko yung libro para di ma-access ng mga bata sa room.
Plus, nakakaloka i know a lot of children with that Peppa Pig accent :crazy_face:

Ayoko rin si Ryan pati si Bug. I’m not hating on the kids pero i’ve observed sa mga batang kilala ko who watch their videos, it breeds discontentment. “You know i wish we were rich like Ryan/ Bug”, “they have this and that and i don’t” yan mga naririnig ko from the children. And these are mga anak mayaman ok :sweat_smile: siguro rin kulang ng processing from the parents pero the way i see it delikado eh kasi ang nakikita ng young viewers eh yung wala sila at hindi kung ano meron nila.

  • FGTeeV and Kyutie. Children can just tap on their videos in YT. Di ok ang content and language.
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Yung little star sa Little Baby Bum videos… you’ll know why if you see the Roll over song. Scheming and selfish sya :laugh:

Also naiinis ako sa mommy cat na dahil nawala ang mittens ng 3 kittens they “shall have no pie” agad. Ang harsh :joy_cat:

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Amen to this. At annoying yung boses nung nanay nya :hihi:

I think I also mentioned somewhere that we dont watch Peppa pig anymore. Ang bratty kasi. Same with Fancy Nancy Clancy though ang cute kasi ng animation nito. Tsaka minsan madami naman mapupulot na info. So we just choose the episodes.

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Thank goodness ayaw na ng anak ko kay Peppa Pig. Bratty nga din siya.

Ryan. Teletubbies.

Rabbids Invasion
Oggy and the Cockroaches

Feeling ko nakaka-delay ng speech development.

When I was a kid, natatawa pa ako sa Tom and Jerry. Ngayon, naiinis ako kay Jerry. Ang mean nya. Or its just me?

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I don’t hate characters but am surprised that my niece likes creepy characters, like Huggy Wuggy and Sirenhead. Maybe she is more like me because I like watching short horror movies on YouTube.