Camino de Santiago

This one’s part of my list to do when I have more time. It’s a pilgrimage walk that ends in Galicia, Spain.

Anyone here who has completed this pilgrimage? How long did it take you to complete? Was it hard? Any memorable places you recommend to rest in etc?


Si @titantantan din ata nasa bucket list ito, like me.

My siblings and I were planning to do this next year, pero now diko pa alam kung matutuloy kami. I have two friends on FB who have done this already, let me know if you want me to link you up @arwen

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Ate @quarantined nasa bucket list ko nga ito. Pero I don’t think I could do the full camino kaya I’m just planning for the last 100 kilometres. Yan yata yung minimum distance para bigyan ka ng certificate. :grin:


@titantantan yup! That’s what my friend did. One week lang.

Matagal pa na plan @quarantined :embarasslaff: pag ready na yun inaanak mo na maglakad ng maglakad at matatas na mag french :blush:

may ka-ORG din na nag Camino and he plans to do it again. Kaya yung level of interest ko tumaas dahil sa kwento :blush:

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Yayyy na excite ako for you guys! :hyper: Di naman ata kailangan matatas sa French kasi mas international yung crowd. Sikat din sya among Aussies na retirees (pero fit!) saka the usual Korean and Japanese tourists.

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Nabuhay ulit interest ko dahil sa thread na ‘to. Napa research tuloy ako :type:

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I have a friend who did it a couple of years ago. Siya yung noon laging party party, wasn’t into fitness, and all that tapos she did the whole shebang. That was a shock to us but it’s also inspiring. Kung siya nga na unexpected gawin yan given her party girl lifestyle, paano pa yung reformed party girl. :rotfl:

I also saw a movie about this while I was traveling to Germany years ago. Maybe it’s a sign!