Business & Finance Book (or Media Source) Recommendation List

drop your B&F recommendations here.

it’d help if you add some info as to why you feel that it’s a worthy read.
if may enough interest and related posts specific to that book lang, pwede naman gawan na ng sariling thread. pwedeng B&F book club :smiley:
otherwise, may “reply to post” feature na itong forum borne from the first pandemic of the new millenium* na pwedeng gamitin to allow us to kinda lump together posts within a thread.

feel free to go as technical, simple, or as existential(?!?) with it :winking:

we’ll probably need a better catch phrase than that.

EDIT: made the title inclusive of all sources of information and knowledge. :wink: taking the cue from @UniquelyMe’s post.

Dahil iba-iba na nga naman ang means of digesting information.
So pasok na ang podcasts, YouTube channels, social media outlets, and others.

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a lot of things can be said about Kiyosaki’s filing for bankruptcy and allegations of hypocrisy.

but medyo nagka-epiphany ako when i first read his book.

i’m pretty sure na madaming taga-peyups (from my generation) ang oriented lang towards getting good grades, to get a good job.

sobrang shortsighted pala.

hindi lang applicable lahat sa Pinas yung lahat ng points niya. pero it was quite eye opening to me nga when i read it. hindi pala sweldo lang ang end all and be all

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here’s a classic book that i’ll probably have my kids read as soon as i think they’ll be able to handle it na


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The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Early Retirement - by Doug Norman - picked this one up from our base library - he was a Nuclear submariner who reached financial independence before even retiring from active duty. I learned about him when I used to lurk forums and he was the resident military PF guru.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich - by Ramit Sethi - one of the first PF books I’ve read that got me started on automated savings.

The Simple Path To Wealth - by JL Collins - investing and personal finance shouldn’t be complicated. I’m a simple gal so this book spoke to me to the core. Get out of debt. Stop trying to beat the market. Index funds are key to financial success.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street - by Burton Malkiel - A classic. Best for novice PF investor who wants to understand fundamentals of how stock market works. Helped me write my financial plan/goals to keep it simple, low-cost, automatic and diversified.

How To Turn $100 into $1,000,000 - my oldest read this when she was 9 (she bought it on her own at her school’s Book Fair) and totally got why saving at a young age is important. Great book with easy to understand graphics. It has a nice introductory chapter on power of compound interest.


Thanks for this!

I’ll try and find a copy.
Been on the lookout for books that’ll nudge the kids towards better financial literacy.


My pleasure!

We really should start talking about financial literacy more as a society. It doesn’t benefit anyone but our employers if we don’t discuss wages, net worth, investments amongst ourselves.


Pwedeng mag recommend ng podcast/blog?

I like the “Afford Anything” podcast, and “Our Next Life” blog.


My gateway book to PF is Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. We had debt and we reached the point that we were sick and tired of it so, did a bit of research, tried to read some books but this one got me hooked.

@UniquelyMe, naalala ko may discussion siya about “Keeping up with the Joneses” and this book came to mind when I saw your post in the Savings thread. :aprub:

My favourite line from the book goes like this: “Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else.” Kind of about delayed gratification, too.