Body image and weight loss

Given our culture nowadays where bring fat is frowned upon and being slim is celebrated; and social media is obsessed about looking good, I feel that this is something that needs to be addressed. I know this might be a sensitive topic to some but I’d like to get insights about how you see your body and your weight in a positive light.

Admittedly, I’m one of the many people who do negative self-talk when I gain weight. I’m neither obese nor skinny but I feel like I am not content about how I weigh. I weigh everyday (which is bad). I hate it because it affects my self-esteem. It’s a personal journey and I’m trying to shift my mindset to aiming for being healthy rather than being slim. It has childhood roots kasi that I’m trying to remove.

Anyone on the same boat? How did you deal with it?


Dati, concerned din ako on how much I weigh.

However, one day at the gym, my trainer told me na pumayat ako. I told her I actually gained weight. She said that muscles are generally heavier than fat, so you gain weight pa rin. Since then, I also look at how loose or tight my clothes are.


I used to be very conscious about my weight because I was body shamed a lot of times! Nasabihan na ako ng sobrang payat at mataba at the same time. Yes it really affected my self-esteem. :disappointed: I am a long distance runner and when I do trainings regularly, I really lose a lot of weight (though I eat around 2500 to 3000 calories per day). Sinasabihan ako ng anorexic. Hello? Makakatakbo ka ba ng full marathon kung di ka kumakain? :rotfl:

When I had to stop running because of injuries, of course I gained weight pero around 4 kilos lang. Nasabihan naman ako ng mataba. Kahit ang BMI ko nun was just 19.3. My gahd! People are sometimes insensitive. :woman_facepalming:

Ngayon, I am still conscious about my weight. I have a personal target weight that I should not exceed. I don’t care if other says I am fat or thin as long as I have reached my desired weight, I am happy na.

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I’m changing my mindset from “I want to lose weight” to “I want to be healthy” and it makes such a big difference.


Before the kid, wala masyadong issues, nung medyo nagpalit ng medications for PCOS, I got a bit bloated, I suddenly would feel inis seeing my photos kasi ang laki kong tignan and that’s not the reality.

After the kid, PCOS is still a b!+€# and seeing all the local moms here snap back like it’s nothing is hard on my self-esteem. I still hate having my photo taken and I usually have issues with video calls because of how I look.

I do eat healthy naman and have slowly resumed my active lifestyle pero it’s all in my mind na kailangan i-conquer. Otherwise, I’m quite satisfied with the new medications ulit because I’m losing weight and there’s no bloating. I don’t like to weigh myself but usually I use my clothes’ fit as a guide if my weight is changing.

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Paano ba maging batak? Iyon talaga gusto kong ma-achieve. Ayoko ng skinny. Gusto ko ng muscular and toned look.

Protein daw. Yung mga payat kong friends nagpoprotein shake together with exercise na pang improve ng muscles

Try Calorie counting first to monitor if you’re eating enough, dapat mag-over over sa daily reqt like 2500cal as opposed to daily 2000cal, coupled with weightlift, not much cardio… prepare to become fat first then cut. Yes protein supplement is a big help :aprub: But for some people, there may be some side effects, like breakouts…

Weight gaining for ectomorphs is as hard as weight loss for the tabains… so patience talaga and consistency. Pero once you see you’re moving the needle, it will motivate you to continue and do better

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Super conscious about my body. Mula pagkabata, tataba, papayat, tataba ang weight cycle. Tapos ang negra ko pa, kamusta naman sa self esteem di ba? :embarasslaff: Buti na lang matangkad ako sa average pinay.

2018, my annual physical results showed i was pre-diabetic. Tapos the company doctor was super straight to the point, na bordering rude haha na talaga sinabi, you’ll die if you don’t lose weight, obese ka eh. I hit 192lbs back then. But thankfully, the doctor was a firm believer of lifestyle change muna bago ang gamot, so he made me tweak my diet a bit for 2 weeks to see if my sugar levels will go down. Ayun nahabol ko naman, kaya pinagpatuloy ko na lang ang low carb/low sugar.

Lost 42lbs in a span of 12months, gained back 10lbs in q4 2019 due to work stress haha, lost 5lbs earlier this year. My goal is to get to 135lbs to achieve bmi healthy levels pero nag stall na ako sa 150lbs nung 2019. Yun na lang muna uli hahabulin ko bago ako mag aim uli for 135lbs.

More than the scale, i also check for non scale victories like fitting into a medium instead of xl, or nakakahinga ang boobs ko sa damit haha. Also, di na ako pre diabetic


Good for you @ninibeLLes 42 lb weight loss is amazing! But even more important is nag-normalize na ang blood sugars mo. Keep it up girl :aprub: I also applaud your doc not sugar coating it, that hey we got to get this under control or else you’ll suffer the complications. Sometimes all it takes is that one hard conversation to drive home the point. Buti na lang at hindi ka na-turn off at bumalik ka pa rin sa kanya :lol: I hope he was proud of you when you came back with that weight loss and no longer pre-diabetic. I also love that you mentioned the non-scale victories. Some people get a fitness tracker and able to say na they’ve done 6000 steps consecutively in one week. Or being able to fit in some seats sa mga rides/attraction sa amusement park. Or not having to use an seat belt extender sa airplanes. Those should be celebrated.

Share ko lang na once you hit a stall, that’s when something in your lifestyle needs to change again. Vary up your physical activity. Our bodies are designed to adapt rather easily to what we’ve been doing. So kung sanay na ang katawan mo doing a certain type of cardio, say 30 minutes of run/walk - then do something else. Also important to do strength training 2x a week on top of cardio activities. 150 to 135 lbs - kaya mo yan ulit!


Thank you ate doc @Jane ! Yes, mejo blunt ang company doctor namin, napahiya talaga ako at syempre, narealize ko marami pa ako pangarap at bata pa ang anak ko, at hindi pa ako tapos mag MA at pinakakinatatakutan ko na sakit ay diabetes.

Doc Lim: Oh, eh anong gagawin natin, eh obese ka.
Me: Hala grabe sya, ang harsh
Doc: Oh sige sige (muestra sa nurse), timbangin mo to, tignan mo kung hindi obese yan.
Nurse: …

He was super proud naman sabi niya oh kaya mo naman pala eh. But he started to worry when my ketones went high haha. Sabi wag ko raw sobrahan lolllll. Sayang nagretire na si doc.

Anyway, yes, i dont miss rice at all, but i miss pastries! Maybe i need to change my workout siguro. Saka siguro mag strict low carb uli ako para mabreak ko ang stall.

Baka dapat hindi muna ako mag lowcarb version ng mga pastries, and maybe cut off nuts and cheese haha Try ko adjust macros ko.

Pero ang sarap ng feeling makabili ng damit na M, tapos di ko sinukat hihi. :inlove: (although i still hafto get L minsan kasi, boobies haha)

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I think part of why a lot of women feel affected by body issues is our social media culture. Pag nag gain ng weight or lumapad, napupuna agad. Minsan imbes na batiin ng hello, ang sinasabi “uy ang taba mo na!”

:horrified: I would never :lol: Medyo nagkulang sa bedside manner si Doc :embarasslaff:

Typical pa din ito sa mga Pinoy (it may have been discussed sa Toxic Pinoy culture) and they’re usually not coming from a place of good intentions, parang makapag-comment lang. I’ve had the same pambabati from people I’m not even close with “Uy tumaba ka yata.” na I counter with “Ganyan po talaga pag masaya at fulfilled sa buhay, blooming.” Tse. :wink:

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