Body care

Favorite body wash. Or do you prefer soap?

Body oil vs body lotion vs butter/cream, which one do you use? Or do you a combination of these things?

Foot mask vs foot cream? Do you use deo roll-on, cream, or spray?

How long does it take you to do all your body care?

Anything that doesn’t fall under facial care. Suggestions, questions, tips.

OnT: I prefer Safeguard White because it smells really clean. I am also using Nivea Body Oil because I can immediately use it right after shower. It takes 20 minutes for all my body care in the morning, including shower.

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I use Dove soap and B&B body wash (scrub 2x a week).

I rarely use lotion because I feel sticky. Pag nasa cold places, yes.

I don’t use deodorant anymore, mga six months na. I’m trying to avoid putting to much chemicals on my body. Luckily I am not sweaty and smelly in general haha

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Favorite body wash: Dove

Body oil vs body lotion vs butter/cream, which one do you use? Or do you a combination of these things? Depende sa weather pag mainit wala pag malamig ng konti Lotion (Nivea) or Body Butter (Body Shop)

Foot mask vs foot cream? Foot cream pero minsan ko lang ginagamit

Do you use deo roll-on, cream, or spray? Nivea roll on

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Yung rose jam ng lush na body wash sa gabi. :heart::heart::heart:
Pag umaga irish spring yung original scent.

Lotion pag di gaano maalinsangan.

I use foot salve kasi sobrang bugbog ng paa ko.

Body scrub 2/3x a week.

For underarm, i use old spice.

@markdarylramos ano yung foot salve? Anong difference nyan sa other foot products?

Hindi ko sure yung technical na sagot. Pero ang observation ko very thick yung consisyency nya. Pang flaky skin. Gamit ko yung sa kiehls kasi mejo malamig parang may menthol.

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@BeachPatrol Kung wala ka siguro sa Pilipinas or hindi ka parating lumalabas, hindi ka papawisan. But with humidity and all, parang ang hirap for me.

OnT: May suggestions ba kayo for body oil?

Ok yung Neutrogena Body Oil


I agree sa body oil ng nuetrogena.

Meron na akong alternative pag nagmamadali or tamad na tamad yung body spray ng nuetrogena na hydro boost.

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Body wash - J&j milkbath or whatever received from friends ng Pasko/birthday :joy:

Body oil - body shop olive dry oil mist, nuxe

Pag summer, i just use Nivea in shower body lotion.

Atleast once a week, Kiehl’s body polish.

Body oil - Nuxe or Neutrogena, if not just good ol’ Sweet Almond Oil

@mimi @LostInGrace @vaninay di ba overwhelming yung amoy Ylang-ylang ng Neutrogena body oil?

Bodywash: Dove pink dahil naghoard kami nung nagsale sa Landers. :winking:
Body oil: Sunflower oil ng human :heart: nature, I apply this every night
Body lotion: pag may pasok sa office lang. Human nature din kasi hindi malagkit sa skin :+1:

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Ay Anong body oil ba yun? Ang ginagamit ko dati yung light sesame formula :slight_smile:

@LostInGrace yun nga, amoy Ylang-ylang di ba? :lol:

Body wash. Any brand but mostly either dove, or ivory

I use body oil. Neutrogena. After maligo, oil na. Wala ng lotion lotion pa. :lol: Lotion lang pag super lamig, at sa key areas lang: hand, siko, tuhod, ankles

Spray or yung stick for deo. Dove

Every december, i buy sa body shop yung foot peppermint scrub and cream. The best.

Once a week, i do a full body scrub. Sukin kapag may galing australia, otherwise, st ives pwede na.

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Amoy ylang ylang ba? Haha

Ok naman siya saken. Di sticky.

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:aprub: sa di malagkit @LostInGrace
:aprub: sa convenience @ninibeLLes

Hindi naman overwhelming ang amoy nung neutrogena. Parang di pa naman nagclash ever sa pabango ko hehe.

Very convenient kasi pagkaligo, after lightly toweling off, yun na nilalagay ko. Kapag lotion kasi nalilimutan ko pa haha.

Nagse sale ito once a year na buy1take1, pinapakyaw ko kapag ganun haha

Cetaphil body wash for sensitive skin
CeraVe or Eucerin body lotion

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