Bar 2019 Results

No UP (or Ateneo) in the top 10.

First time ba ito?

Kumusta passing rate ng UP?

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Oo nga eh. Nagkakagulo rin ngayon sa Twitter kay Com. Guanzon!

Not the first time in recent years, I think. Napag-usapan dati kasi at some point, sitting judges/justices cannot take teaching posts sa UP Law (and sa ibang law schools, they can teach), depriving UP Law students of the kind of mentorship that they can give. Someone here who might be better informed on this issue, your insights/updates are most welcome!


Kapag ganyan ang case, ang reaction ko… “Okay. Noted with thanks.” :biglaugh:


Around 84%. Parang okay naman. I know great lawyers who failed on their first take. Like…VP Leni.


Is it just me, or are the bar exam results overrated? Parang acad performance on steroids lang. Andaming magagaling at academically accomplished from UP na naging kupal lang naman in the end.


Same. i really think we’re putting too much premium on bar exams and/or being a lawyer. Para sakin, medical board exams deserve the hype more.


Dagdag mo pa yung yabangan ng frat/soro dahil lang dito. Ugh.

Una kong reaction, kamusta kaya si Guanzon, mukhang mababash sya, pero I checked a bit, mukhang she’s doing well naman sa replies nya

Meron ba historical data of annual passing rate, nahihirapan ako makita sa net, nakikita ko lang average around 86% (for 2014-2019)?

Top three schools wala. The Beda that passed was from another campus. This is great news because it shows you don’t really need to go to the top three to place in the Bar. Tuition rate for one semester in Ateneo is already at six digits. Talk about painful.

We’re going to need a few more years before calling it a trend, but it’s encouraging. Also encouraging: only two cis men in the top ten.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take some time before more lucrative career paths open for other schools.


Well kung ranking of schools in terms of passing rate, UP and Ateneo (Davao & Manila) are still performing best? So if you’re going to bet on a chance to pass the bar, susubukan mo pa rin sa school with higher passing rate instead of dun sa pinanggalingan ng topnotchers. I guess bawas yabang na lang sa UP Law at Ateneo kasi nga dati both passing rate and topnotchers kanila. :laugh: True din na maganda na mas competitive para may options ang mga gusto mag-Law.

Lagay ko na lang din dito na NKLN si Persida Rueda-Acosta was #4 in 1989? How inspiring. :charing: haha


Aaand a certain UP Law graduate named Koko Pimentel topped the bar exams in 1990 (but still proved to be a less-than-shiny human being).


Agree. Besides, recent events have shown what professions are (more) relevant in the “system”.

But then again I don’t think a one-time-big-time exam like the bar ought to determine or foresee one’s (future) greatness. But I digress.

Personally, I’m quite happy that graduates from schools other than UP or Ateneo placed in the top 10.


She failed the bar on her first two takes then placed 4th on her third* take. Talk about nice recovery.

Agree, especially since some employers still limit their hires to graduates of the top schools. But given the changes in the demographics of the topnotchers, maybe things will change soon.

OnT: Hindi naman first time. In the 2016 bar exam, no one from UP, Ateneo, Beda and UST placed in the top 10 for the first time ever.


I’m happy that the provincial schools are given their well-deserved spotlight too. Hopefully, this will also change the impression for employers not to undermine those coming from the provinces.