Army captain named as operator of fake Facebook accounts

Our taxes at work.


“… the network was flagged by civil society groups and Rappler, one of its fact-checking partners in the Philippines.”

Sino kaya tong “Civil Society” groups na to? Ibon Foundation? Haha!

Obobs din kasi eh. Instead of engaging in black propaganda they could have shown successful effects of CMOs, successful resupply or patrols in the WPS, captured poachers, acquisitions of new equipment, etc. Showing dead bodies and silly caricatures are so old-school and just backfires.

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It gives a bad name to honest to goodness government social media accounts which do their best to provide informative and helpful content to people.

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They weren’t flag for content. FB already clarified this in their meeting with the AFP.

And they’ve disowned it already :laugh:

For starters they should stop with the non-regulation fisting.