Apple Silicon Mac Reviews: M1 Chip Delivers Exceptional Performance,

So tempting. Might just get a Mac for once.

I would take their word with a grain of salt. It has shades of PowerPC vs Pentium arguments back in the 90s.

Seriously considering getting either a Mac Mini or a MacBook Air. Looks like the hype is real. Problema ko na lang ay parang wala pang reseller that carries them :frowning: Would rather order through an authorized reseller if possible. Or reliable ba enough ang gray markets dito? Anybody have any experience ordering directly from the Apple web site?

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Damnit. Should’ve waited. Ordered at the Apple Store already. Looks like they don’t have the configuration I want anyway.

Mac Mini arrived early so wala pa akong keyboard and I can’t set it up yet :joy:

Sayang yan kung hindi retina screen ang gamit. Bili na din! :wink:

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Yung speed naman habol ko for now. Maybe later :joy: