Any Hollow Knight fans here?

Got my copy on a Steam sale and played it on a whim. Didn’t really think I’d get far as I’m more of an RTS person and this game is hard. Took me about four months to finish the game but man was it worth it. The world. The animation. The music :notes: Must’ve sunk about two hundred hours to this game. So, who has been to Hallownest? :smiley:

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I got it on my Switch a few months ago but I haven’t really put that much time into it. I did however like what I saw during the 2 hours that I played. :smiley:

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Wooo! Finally. Hello fellow wanderer. I have almost lost hope :joy:

Balikan mo na! Haha. It can be punishing (I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve died but it’s totally worth it)

Balak ko nga haha! Andami lang kasing nakapila pa. Kapag sale kasi napapabili ako lagi so andami ring backlog. :))

Awwww man. Kulitin kita ulit next month :laughing: Didn’t expect na walang ibang nagha-Hollow Knight dito :rofl: Or maybe hindi lang compelling enough ang topic. haha.

It’s a rather stressful game. Maybe people would rather play something like Untitled Goose Game or something more soothing. Haha.

Speaking of sales, check mo Deku Deals - Nintendo Switch price tracking and wishlist notifications. Aside from informing you pag may sales, it also tells you kung yun ba lowest price historically or kung may ibababa pa ang presyo. Para alam mo kung sulit talaga :smiley:

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Alam mo, feeling ko din kasi hindi yata dito 'tong Hollow Knight discussion dapat. Mas marami akong nakita sa Computers and Technology na discussion about computer games haha :laughing:

Nacoconfuse na din ako. Yung description kasi ay:

Whether you are a basketball, wrestling, tennis, shotokan karate fanatic or a Pokemon, Magic, Pusoy Dos addict, this is the place to discuss the intricacies of that game or the teams and athletes of that sport.

So special ang Pokemon? haha.

Kala ko dun ang mga gadgets at dito ang mga games, including video games. haha. Will message the mods na lang :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Ugh. May Pokemon card game nga pala. I think you’re right :laughing:

Confusing rin talaga, because the topic descriptions were from 10+ years ago, ang dami na rin changes :lol: But if I remember correctly, the Games & Sports are for physical games and virtual ones are posted sa Comp&Tech, so for now, lipat muna natin ito doon :wink:

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Got it. Salamat! Nathrow off ako ng Pokemon. :laughing:

'Wag ka mag-alala, ako din nalito haha.

Thanks for clarifying, @mimi!

Hollow Knight started slow for me. I originally bought the PC version on Steam, and after about an hour or two of playing, it didn’t click, and I didn’t continue.

Fast forward a year later, I had a new Nintendo Switch. I was looking for game recommendations, and I saw Hollow Knight A LOT. I hesitated at first, but decided to give in. It was still slow at first, but the Switch controls were better. I stuck with it for an hour or two again, and something changed. I was hooked.

The world-building. The challenge. It was a hard but satisfying game. (Didn’t finish White Palace and Nightmare Grim because I’m a pleb :frowning: )

Couldn’t wait for Silksong.


Totoo. It really felt better on the Switch. My PC run was more memorable though as I was discovering things die the first time. Switch run was also fun though as I took on bosses na hindi ko nilabanan during my original run. Man, I wish they’d release Silksong already. :joy:

I have played it for more than 50 hours on my Switch, pero “natapos” ko na siya on PC.

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Did you get the good ending? :smiley: Finished the White Palace but nope, not gonna bother with the Path of Pain :joy:

bad ending, since hindi ko alam na final battle na pala yung sa temple of the egg haha. 50% complete pa lang, dami kong na-miss. sa switch, i’m trying to get a lot more, though baka hindi ko rin ma-106% kasi sobrang hirap haha.

Ganyan din nangyari sakin so sobrang nabigla ako na yun na pala yun. :laughing: Though I put it off at nag-explore naman ako nang marami before ako pumunta sa Temple so mga 101% na ako by the time natapos ako. Saka ayoko mag-White Palace nun because I hate platforming. That was in 2018 sa PC.

Got a Switch last year and tried it again. Took me the better part of the year pero na-112% ko na siya :sob: Tiyagaan lang talaga. At tolerance for pain :joy: Though resigned na ako na I’ll never finish the Pantheon of Hallownest. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Haha.

Can’t wait for Silksong though. I really hope it’d come out this year. Pesteng COVID at Australian bushfires. :expressionless:

I used this guide btw. Sana makatulong haha

pinanood ko na lang yung mga gameplay videos sa youtube. at alam kong there is no chance in hell na matatapos ko yung path of pain or even that pantheon of hollownest haha

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The Pantheon of Hallownest is crazy. Over forty bosses na sunod sunod :scream: Path of Pain naman, I still don’t know how I managed to finish the White Palace. I am not going back there :laughing: Buti nalang, hindi mo kelangan yung dalawang yun to achieve 112% completion :smiley:

All the Hollow Knight pain in one video :laughing: