Anti-Terror Bill

Approved on 3rd and final reading in Congress today. Approved at the Senate before that. Sad.

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I’d rather not read the news but it’s rather hard to avoid these days.

Bawal protest under ECQ/GCQ.

Galit kayo kay Sinas sa manyanita diba? Dapat magalit din kayo dyan sa nagkukumpulan.

Yung FB, sablay na yan simula netong COVID-19 when they used their AI to crack down on misinformation.

“TRUST” is the keyword here. How can we trust law enforcement agencies that has bias on who to implement the law into, and who are exempted? That shoots innocent people and plant evidences on victims to make them appear as terrorists even when they’re not?


My goodness the sources of “news” here: Rappler and Max.

I dunno why this is flagged. This is totally ON TOPIC.

Max Defense is NOT the best source on this anti-terror bill thing, since it’s a thing for some people here. Rappler has printed nothing but negative “news” and more so, opinions, about this government since May 2016.

The ONLY difference here is that the protesters were arrested, yung sa mañanita hindi.


Yung nag manyanita may charges na.

Yung sa UP Cebu meron na rin ba charges? Yung mga tao ni Renato Reyes, dinampot ba?

Maxdefense is a defense analyst, he served in the Philippine Navy and confessed that he doesn not like the Aquinos (family wss a Marcos supporter) but even he admits the former has a better track record than the current Malacanan tenant when it comes to Philippine defense. Anyway what I posted was not news, its his own opinion. Before shooting the messenger, read the full-text in the link. He has no issues with the bill itseñf.

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Because Thales was in the ORIGINAL specifications, and was OFFERED by Hyundai in the its winning bid. Even the original winner GRSE offered it. heck even the SoKor Navy dosn’t use the Hanwa system other than for training purposes. Claswic bait and switch scam. Pwede ba yan sa COA? Go ahead read it.

The frigate deal was practically a done deal before the 2016 elections, but left it to the nexr admin to do the signing. So yes Digong can technically claim this as his legacy. Again read on that as well. Anyway off topic na tayo.

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I would suggest you all read the bill. You will find out for yourself that those infographics by the likes of CPP breakaway political party Akbayan are all FAKE NEWS. Dissent, mass action, etc are and never will be outlawed. The Anti-Terror Bill of 2020 guarantees it, if only you can read up to page 6 of the document.

Better to read or watch Dean Mel Sta. Maria on his opinion than read those infographics, or worse, spread those infographics.

Technically you can’t write the brand, but you can put specs that will fit a certain model. I know because I procure equipment for the government. We put in specific “specs” and. requirements to keep substandard, copy-cat cough Chinese products.

The Thales product ticks all the specs, the Hanwa does not. That statement that Hyundai has the final say in what goes in the final product, is also contentious as it was not in the original contract as signed.

Anyway just to stay on topic. The keyword is “TRUST”. Some people trust this government, some don’t. Even a man directly affected by terrorism doubts it.


I don’t know why this one was flagged, but Yatta’s was not?

To stay ON TOPIC:

The government has very high TRUST RATINGS even 4 years in, which is VERY unusual. Noynoy’s trust rating started to dive by mid term. Even during the time of COVID-19, Duterte, DILG, DSWD, and others have maintained very high trust ratings.

Re: Hanwa vs Thales.

Hanwa checks all the specs. Show me a link that says otherwise.

I repeat, the Hanwa CMS is based on the Thales CMS, modified and upgraded for South Korean specs. Hanwa was the resulting company from the Samsung Techwin-Thales JV contracted to do various defense electronics for South Korea

Thales to sell 50% stake in Samsung joint venture

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Some representatives who initially voted in favor of the bill were withdrawing their support (e.g. Biazon, Salceda, etc.)

Meron bang bearing ang mga withdrawals na ito?

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Not sure if this is related. Duplicate, false accounts of UP students reported to surface online

Pls search your names in FB:

I heard those duplicate accounts signed up in to junk the anti-terror bill. alam na. hahaha

Nothing. Pa-Pogi.

They could have withdrawn their names before it passed. More so, they could have voted against it. Malamang nyan nakikisali lang na hindi man lang binasa yung bill. Pinapirmahan lang siguro sa chief of staff yan.