All about gout

Sumasakit na paa ko (ankle area) pag naparami ako ng pork at other red meat. No maintenance meds for now. But the I’ve had my blood uric acid levels tested and the doctor said na mataas nga daw. Was supposed to go back and have another test when the ECQ started. So hindi pa ako nakakabalik (I hope my doctor is okay :frowning: ) Usually have one or two flareups a year. Yung tipong sobrang hirap na maglakad and I just stay home all day (buti na lang puwede magWFH)

Anyone else dealing with gout here? How do you deal with it? :sweat_smile:

First time ko mag ka gout attack early this year. Akala ko nung una sprained toe lang, pero gout pala. Currently taking meds for high uric acid, matatapos na yung 3 months medication. Nung first month ng medication mas sumakit siya but that’s expected naman daw. Need to take separate pain meds lang talaga para makalakad, as in yung Tramadol na pain killer na binibigay sa bagong surgery. Nung nag mild attack pa rin siya, ice pack lang nilalagay ko and elevate. Nagbababad din sa bath tub with epsom salt.

Since then never na ako nag beer, seafood, pork and beef. Chicken and veggies na lang. And more water and mixed berries juice. Nung mas ok na, nag jog ulit kasi need talaga to reduce weight since nag gain ako after mag stop mag gym. After lockdown planning to get gym membership ulit.


Sabi nga nila sa toe daw nagsisimula. Haven’t had another attack in a while. I do wish the ECQ will get lifted soon. Need to take new tests. Whoa, parang anlala nung attack sayo :astonished:

I have gout. Mostly sa tuhod and ring finger, usually masakit lang pagising or pag hindi na move ng matagal like matagal nakabend legs ko sa kama then mag stretch. May parang pop lang na masakit tapos ok na hehe. Mataas uric acid ko pero slightly above lang.

Dati masama gout ko as in maga big toe, ika ika sa tuhod or swollen fingers . I just removed (sugar or artificial sugar) soda and alcoholic drinks from my diet and took a cherry extract supplement. Um-ok na sya. Tagal na ko hindi nag cherry extract. Haven’t taken anything for my gout except maybe mefenamic acid kapag may work.

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Narinig ko nga na sa toe siya usually nagsisimula. Sa akin sa ankle lang. Good to know that you’ve put it under control.

Removed red meat na rin from my diet at nawala naman symptoms ko. Naging pasaway ako during the ECQ though. It’s not like I’m going anywhere so it’s okay if it hurts. Hahahuhu.

Doctors say I have gout, but the attacks came only after I had a heart attack. No meds to control it other than painkillers.

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I tried drinking water with apple cider vinegar in the morning nung early attacks pa lang. Seemed effective naman, or baka placebo effect lang :lol:


Nice tip. Hopefully I won’t need it anytime soon :laugh: