Alak pa! What's your poison?

Mine’s single malt, sake and beer. Maarte ako sa single malts ko, but usually any regular non-hoppy beers will do (although I prefer ciders).

Masarap din ang Jaegerbomb at Black Russian.


Prosecco at champagne trip ko the last 5 years. Paminsan aperol din.

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Vodka, wine. Nagkakarashes ako sa beer for some reason.

Although nung nag low carb ako, ambilis ko na malasing :sweat_smile:

I like beer. Pale ale, stout, pilsner, dark lager. Ayoko lang ng wheat beer.

I get headache with wine. Lalo kung red wine. Must be the flavonoids. But will take a glass of Prosecco, anytime.

I tried Yamazaki 18. Swabe naman. But I will always go back to beer. Or pag wholesome, radler :embarasslaff:


Beer, cider, wine (esp white wine)

I don’t enjoy hard drinks anymore, nung college and 1st jobber days, kaya pa out of peer pressure

I did a market research study for whiskey, and got to try different brands, mas kaya talaga pag with cola (Jack Coke type)

Masarap ang rum ng Negros :cheers:

Empi Lite. Kasi I usually drink pag umaakyat lang sa bundok. Pampainit.

Pag social drinking, anuman meron. Pero beer siguro safe bet ko.

Sake saka soju+beer masarap din.


Beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila. 'di ako usually maarte sa inom. basta hindi naman yung sobrang sama na alcohol.

Sure basag ako sa gin. and please no brandy and rum. :(( yoko na ng gasolina.

Single malt. Lately, Japanese single malt. :ok_hand:

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Don Papa?

OnT: Moscato, beer (pilsen, cervesa negra)

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Red wine. Or prosecco
Vodka + cranberry or orange juice or tonic
Cerveza negra

I have tried Soju and warm sake, I like the taste. Been very curious about Soju and Soju bombs dahil sa kdrama pero diko pa natry Soju bombs.

Running joke sa office na ang soju (+ yakult) ay pang millenial. Ayan siguro ang ginpomelo of our time :joy:


jack + sprite/7up over lots of ice

Yung Hoegarden Rose. Chaka cherry beer.

Pwede ding margarita, tequila or mojito.

Pero dahil sa trabaho, wine.


-Pink moscato, shiraz or merlot if red wine. Nagkaka-heartburn ako sa ibang moscato and white wines.
-Cocktails: mojito, whiskey sour, G&T with lots of lemon
-Beer: If foreign, wheat beers like hoegaarden and blue moon. If local, san mig flavored (apple, lemon, lychee) or san mig light. Ok din mga local craft beers but I’ve only tried a few (Engkanto, Baguio craft, Elias, Pedro… can’t remember the others kasi usually sa pop-up stores ko lang sila sa BGC nata-try).

Yes, Don Papa is my alcohol-daddy :laugh:

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+1 sa don papa. Saka patron although be prepared to wake up not remembering wtf happened the prev night

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Give me Jose Cuervo anytime, any amount. I like Amaretto too.

Flavored beers too.

Sparkling tea by the Copenhagen Tea Company (either the ones with alcohol content (red and green) or alcohol-free (white/Bla; there’s a new rose one but I haven’t tried it out yet) for Tita days)!!! I discovered this when I was pregnant and so I could have something to drink on my birthday, my husband got me a bottle of Bla, which is non-alcoholic. And I’ve been hooked ever since! This is currently my drink of choice (still breastfeeding).

White wine - my go-to bottles are from Wilhelm Schneiders Weingut in Pommern, Germany. Since I can’t drink yet, a bunch of 2016 Riesling bottles have just been collecting dust in the basement. :hahaha:

Red wine, I don’t drink so much anymore. But I used to enjoy a good Malbec (with a huge plate of Argentinian asado!). If you ever come across it, I don’t recommend Dornfelder—it could be just me, but I get a massive headache even after only 1 glass.

For beer, I go for Schneider-Weisse TAP7 or any Rauchbier from Bamberg — lasang bacon!!! :happy: :beers:

Gin, I’m partial to Dasher+Fisher’s Ocean Gin from Southern Distillery (Tasmania). And then you put strips of nori / seaweed as relish!!!

Whiskey, fans would hate me for this but I love to chuck a shot or two in my hot toddy than drink it as it is/on the rocks. :sweat_smile: For peaty days: Hellyers Road. For non-peaty days: GlenAllachie!

No way Jose na to Champagne—worst hangover ever (compared to Prosecco and Sekt, for example, mas :face_vomiting: ang Champagne especially if one loses count of the glasses/bottles one has consumed in a matter of hours… :rofl:)

Drink responsibly, guys! :biglaugh:


I’m partial to dark beers. Locally, Cerveza Negra makes me happy.
A few years ago I started drinking more wine.

Not an expert on either but I have my favorites.