Alak pa! What's your poison?

Mine’s single malt, sake and beer. Maarte ako sa single malts ko, but usually any regular non-hoppy beers will do (although I prefer ciders).

Masarap din ang Jaegerbomb at Black Russian.


Prosecco at champagne trip ko the last 5 years. Paminsan aperol din.

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Vodka, wine. Nagkakarashes ako sa beer for some reason.

Although nung nag low carb ako, ambilis ko na malasing :sweat_smile:

I like beer. Pale ale, stout, pilsner, dark lager. Ayoko lang ng wheat beer.

I get headache with wine. Lalo kung red wine. Must be the flavonoids. But will take a glass of Prosecco, anytime.

I tried Yamazaki 18. Swabe naman. But I will always go back to beer. Or pag wholesome, radler :embarasslaff:

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Beer, cider, wine (esp white wine)

I don’t enjoy hard drinks anymore, nung college and 1st jobber days, kaya pa out of peer pressure

I did a market research study for whiskey, and got to try different brands, mas kaya talaga pag with cola (Jack Coke type)

Masarap ang rum ng Negros :cheers:

Empi Lite. Kasi I usually drink pag umaakyat lang sa bundok. Pampainit.

Pag social drinking, anuman meron. Pero beer siguro safe bet ko.

Sake saka soju+beer masarap din.

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Beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila. 'di ako usually maarte sa inom. basta hindi naman yung sobrang sama na alcohol.

Sure basag ako sa gin. and please no brandy and rum. :(( yoko na ng gasolina.

Single malt. Lately, Japanese single malt. :ok_hand:

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Don Papa?

OnT: Moscato, beer (pilsen, cervesa negra)

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Red wine. Or prosecco
Vodka + cranberry or orange juice or tonic
Cerveza negra

I have tried Soju and warm sake, I like the taste. Been very curious about Soju and Soju bombs dahil sa kdrama pero diko pa natry Soju bombs.

Running joke sa office na ang soju (+ yakult) ay pang millenial. Ayan siguro ang ginpomelo of our time :joy:


jack + sprite/7up over lots of ice

Yung Hoegarden Rose. Chaka cherry beer.

Pwede ding margarita, tequila or mojito.

Pero dahil sa trabaho, wine.

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-Pink moscato, shiraz or merlot if red wine. Nagkaka-heartburn ako sa ibang moscato and white wines.
-Cocktails: mojito, whiskey sour, G&T with lots of lemon
-Beer: If foreign, wheat beers like hoegaarden and blue moon. If local, san mig flavored (apple, lemon, lychee) or san mig light. Ok din mga local craft beers but I’ve only tried a few (Engkanto, Baguio craft, Elias, Pedro… can’t remember the others kasi usually sa pop-up stores ko lang sila sa BGC nata-try).

Yes, Don Papa is my alcohol-daddy :laugh:

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+1 sa don papa. Saka patron although be prepared to wake up not remembering wtf happened the prev night

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Give me Jose Cuervo anytime, any amount. I like Amaretto too.

Flavored beers too.

Sparkling tea by the Copenhagen Tea Company (either the ones with alcohol content (red and green) or alcohol-free (white/Bla; there’s a new rose one but I haven’t tried it out yet) for Tita days)!!! I discovered this when I was pregnant and so I could have something to drink on my birthday, my husband got me a bottle of Bla, which is non-alcoholic. And I’ve been hooked ever since! This is currently my drink of choice (still breastfeeding).

White wine - my go-to bottles are from Wilhelm Schneiders Weingut in Pommern, Germany. Since I can’t drink yet, a bunch of 2016 Riesling bottles have just been collecting dust in the basement. :hahaha:

Red wine, I don’t drink so much anymore. But I used to enjoy a good Malbec (with a huge plate of Argentinian asado!). If you ever come across it, I don’t recommend Dornfelder—it could be just me, but I get a massive headache even after only 1 glass.

For beer, I go for Schneider-Weisse TAP7 or any Rauchbier from Bamberg — lasang bacon!!! :happy: :beers:

Gin, I’m partial to Dasher+Fisher’s Ocean Gin from Southern Distillery (Tasmania). And then you put strips of nori / seaweed as relish!!!

Whiskey, fans would hate me for this but I love to chuck a shot or two in my hot toddy than drink it as it is/on the rocks. :sweat_smile: For peaty days: Hellyers Road. For non-peaty days: GlenAllachie!

No way Jose na to Champagne—worst hangover ever (compared to Prosecco and Sekt, for example, mas :face_vomiting: ang Champagne especially if one loses count of the glasses/bottles one has consumed in a matter of hours… :rofl:)

Drink responsibly, guys! :biglaugh:

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I’m partial to dark beers. Locally, Cerveza Negra makes me happy.
A few years ago I started drinking more wine.

Not an expert on either but I have my favorites.