ABS-CBN Shutdown

Your thoughts on this?

BREAKING: NTC issues cease and desist order against ABS-CBN. (via ANC)

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For me its a distraction to rally the DDS faithful. Especially those who had second thoughts following yesterday’s PHILHEALTH fiasco. At the same time to cover it up.


They gambled. They lost.

Bribe na lang nila mga senador at members ng congressional committee.

In case lumusot sila, yayariin pa rin sila ni Calida.

THIS JUST IN: Congressman Benny Abante delivers a privilege speech in Congress recommending to abolish the NTC!

Abolish NTC

A politician wanting an agency abolished for doing its job. Brilliant!

What happens when you have successive administrations leveraging a franchise renewal for editorial control. All the other reasons you hear are palusot.

They were trying to get renewed for six years, dating back to the second half of the Aquino administration.

Either way, the buck stops with this administration. These guys are the ones in power; the power to extend the franchise is well within their power.

That’s gone now, and whatever happens from here, it is not going to be good.

ABS-CBN was not as critical of the Duterte administration as TV5. That should be a sign to everyone else. Of course, there are people who are of the belief that you should always kiss ass; for them I have nothing but contempt.


Imagine if the Lopezes and Katigbak did NOT air that Trillanes-ad exploiting children, like every other network, as Cayetano successfully obtained a TRO from a court, and they just aired the already paid-for ad by both Cayetano and Duterte, they probably would never have been shut down.

Like I said… If you gamble, you can’t always be lucky.

Interesting opinion. NTC and FICTAP just got totally obsolete.

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FB Philippines which is in TaskUs is DDS-dominated.

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Well, the NTC disagrees with you.

RA7966 requires ABS-CBN to get permission from NTC. They didn’t. NTC then issued them a notice. They still went through with the PPV.

This is one of the reasons why they did not get renewed in 2014 and 2016.

Lets put it this way, technology moved on and NTC got left behind. Oh, while the original free Channel 2 and DZMM is down, ANC and the “PPV” KBO is still up.

It doesn’t matter. They broke the law - the provisions, terms and conditions of their franchise.

Exactly. This is why the “defend press freedom” thing does not fly.

So what are you talking about or for that matter was the NTC-PPV issue about? If the the cause of the shutdown was illegal PPV, why then is the PPV channel still up?

Parang dahil di ka makabayad sa utang mo na kotse, imbes na hatakin yjng kotse, ipadlock yung bahay?

PPV over CATV, not over “free-to-air” channels.

KBO is in the “black box”. Isn’t that the one you and NTC referring to?

Go to page 24: Quo Warranto - Full Text

Except NTC shuts down ABS-CBN because the license just expired last Monday. Not because of any petition by Calida.

So according to FICTAP, only one channel per frequency…

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Irrelevant. What matters is you asked permission and you were granted permission by the NTC.

Read the SolGen’s QW petition

Irrelevant na nga yung petition. The NTC order only cited the expiration, not any other crap Calida made up.