A Song of Ice and Fire

It’s nine long years since A Dance of Dragons was released, what’s the hold up with GRRM?

What are your favourite moments in the series? Who do you think should sit on the Iron Throne?

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It’s been so long, my only preference is for him to finish the damn thing. Started reading it in college early 2000s, ngayon may asawa’t anak na ako, hindi pa rin tapos. Wheel of Time ngang pagkahaba-haba, natapos kahit namatay yung author, ito 6th and 7th books na lang, di pa rin tapos.

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Ang tagal nga. Ano na, GRRM?! :smash:

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Was lucky enough to start reading the books nung 2012(?). At least relatively tuloy tuloy pagbabasa ko. I kind of feel sad for those who had to wait decades between books.

Neil Gaiman answered this already. :laughing:

I do hope he finishes it. We don’t want another Wheel of Time scenario.

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Seconding the motion here. Di ko sya mapapatawad dahil nawalan ako ng moral ascendancy sa mga nanonood lang ng GoT without reading the book. :hahaha:

It would be a mindf*ck if he played the showrunners and wrote a totally different ending.

I only got to read the first two books in the series. Tapos nag-TV series na. But, I plan to get back to them and I hope tapusin na ni GRRM.

I hate entitlement. But it’s been YEARS. Mabuti pa kung sinabi nyang hindi na lang nya tatapusin, so no one expects anything anymore.

Also, I think given the different narrative in the books, the ending will also be different.