2020 Apple iPhone SE

Dapat sa SKL thread to pero masyading techie, hehe.

So ayun, Apple released a new iPhone SE at ang malupit, 399 USD lang yung cheapest model.

First time ako na-excite for a new iPhone nang dahil sa price! Though Android user ako, natuwa ako sa ginawa ng Apple para guluhin yung midrange market ng smartphones. Cheap iPhone will mean cheap Android phones!

And this phone is better than a mid-ranger: same A13 processor as the most expensive ones and the same software experience. Kahit isa lang yung camera, it’s the same main camera on the other models. It’s the iPhone for everybody, especially people who don’t upgrade every year or two.

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Damn. Android user here, too. Mas malakas processor niya kesa mga Android flagships :exploding_head: On single-threaded performance anyway. Antagal na palang ganito ang trend. Since 2015 pa :astonished:

Guess their decision to make their own chips is paying off. So best “affordable” phone to browse peyups with? :laughing:

I only hope hindi ganun kataas ang markup dito. Seriously considering getting it :smiley:

Antagal ko ‘tong hinintay - kung hindi lang bumigay yung SE ko, I would’ve waited for this. May mga news kasi dati na Apple shelved this product line.

Ok this will be my iPhone sa 2024. Pag less than P10k na sya. :lol:


Parang gusto ko nga ng device na to for “testing” purposes, hehehe.

Oh yay! I’ve been using the first gen SE since 2016 and I haven’t switched because I’ve been waiting for apple to release a small phone like it. My 4 y/o SE is about to die so I was trying to convince myself to get an 11. :grinning:

Edit: Grrr it’s the same size as an 8. :neutral_face:

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iPhone SE2 may have the internals as that of the 11/11 Pro but I guess magkakatalo sa ease in some aspects. As someone who jumped from iP6 to iP11, the best improvement in experience for me would be the face id. It’s just way faster than touch id :frowning:

Im guessing na same touch id hardware pa din gagamitin sa SE2 with iPhone 8. Sa feedback ng friend ko na naka-8, nagfafail pa din yung touch id at times. Can get annoying din. Haha. It might be a small issue for some but to each is own.

Sana pinaliit din nila yung top bezel for more screen real estate. I was never a believer of bigger screens till i experienced it with my 11. Same form factor of 8 plus lightness of 8 and bigger screen would make me sell my 11 to to get an SE2.

:uhhuh: sa mga techies. di ko masyado gets eh :hihi: the only reason why i :heart: this version is because it comes in red :slight_smile:

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Haven’t upgraded from my 8 yet kasi love ko yung button. If it all points out similar siya sa 8, it could be my I don’t want to go all out on the 11 yet.

Interesting to consider as a back up phone though if ever. I’m waiting for the 5G-ready na model later this year daw, especially where I am na naka-5G na yung phones…like Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, ZTE, etc. I should make chika my friend na engineer sa Apple here in Shenzhen. Sheesh, I’m in the city where all this tech is happening and I feel like this lockdown is keeping me out of touch with tech eh before this isang subway ride lang nasa Huaqiangbei Electronic Market na ako checking out yung mga nag DIY ng phones from components fresh from the factories.

Hala kakatakot. Lumalabas pala talaga yung parts from factory. I mean, pwede palang may makagawa talaga ng mass produced na “OEM” iPhones. Okay lang siguro kung lumang models but pag bago? Shet.

@jojomojo May ganyan talaga. May nag YT pa na mga foreigner on this. Ito isang link - https://youtu.be/leFuF-zoVzA

Unless you have to wear a face mask most of the time. :laughing:


Unexpected move talaga from Apple. GG ang OnePlus. I’m an Apple fanboy but I don’t usually recommend their products to others kasi mahal for basic purposes. But selling the iPhone 8 spec bumped at 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the iPhone 11 is nuts.

Ah totoo to. Hahahahahah. Struggle nga with masks.

It’s listed na in all major shopping apps here in my current location. Looks like mga US$500 retail price.

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After Steve Jobs, Tim Cook’s strategy was to expand Apple’s market by penetrating the mid-range price point competing with the more affordable Android phones, e.g. 4-inch iPhone SE and/or more affordable options of hero products. It’s the same with the recently launched 2020 iPhone SE. Although Ph was usually Tier 3, maybe Tier 2 at best, in terms of priority in product launches so that means a 2-3 months waiting time from official product release in the US. I used to work at Apple (overseas).


@markku So did you get one? :laugh:

Hindi, hahaha! No budget, saka mas masaya yung libre. :rofl: