Posting Guidelines

We do not allow posting of defamatory, obscene, threatening, profane and hateful messages. The administrators reserve the right to judge which posts fall under this category. We will not hesitate to ban or disable user accounts of offending posters. Likewise, violation of the posting guidelines below will also result to disabling of user account.

Creating a New Topic

  • STAY ON TOPIC. Be guided by the forum descriptions to make sure that you are starting a new topic in the correct forum.

  • LURK BEFORE YOU POST. To prevent double threads, use the Forum Search to look for existing threads that may be similar to the topic you want to start.

  • USE PROPER TITLE FORMAT. Remember to use proper capitalization, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Refrain from using ALL CAPS, F_a_N_(_Y~T e X + or txt msg 4mat in topic titles as they make text difficult to read.

  • BE SPECIFIC. When creating topics, use specific and descriptive subject lines so that other members will know what your topic is all about without opening it. Some forums have thread labeling policies, please look for the pinned posts.

  • FLOODING IS NOT PERMITTED. Posting the same topic in more than one forum is considered as flooding. Post a topic only in the most appropriate forum.

  • CLASSIFIED ADS ARE DISCOURAGED. There are numerous websites which offer these services. It is best that you just post there your needs/wants.

Note: In some forums, new members are not allowed to create new topics.

Posting Messages

  • STAY ON TOPIC. Keep your comments and questions relevant to the topic so as not to waste other people’s time. If you find an off-topic post, do not reply to it so as to not start an off-topic conversation.

  • TYPE MESSAGES PROPERLY. Refrain from posting using SMS language, ALL CAPS or ~FanCy*_TeXt~ as it makes the posts difficult to read.

  • DO NOT ABUSE FONT PROPERTIES. Use only the bold / italic /foNT tags to emphasize something, not in your entire post.

  • INSERT SPACES AFTER PUNCTUATION MARKS. Always insert a space after a punctuation mark to make your post easy to read.

  • DO NOT ABUSE ELLIPSES. Ellipses are composed of only 3 or 4 dots and are used only when something is left out of a sentence, not as substitute for periods or a design cliché.

  • DELETE DOUBLE POSTS. If you find that your message was posted more than once, be responsible enough to delete the other post/s.

  • USE PRIVATE MESSAGES. If your post would only concern a number of people, it is best to send them a private message instead so as not to disturb and deviate from the flow of the discussion.

  • NO FLOODING. If you’re the last poster in a thread, use the EDIT button instead of posting messages consecutively.

  • REFRAIN FROM POSTING FULL TEXT OF ARTICLES. If you find an article that you’d like to share with others, just post a synopsis of the article then include a link to the article. Don’t forget to cite the source so as to minimize risk of copyright lawsuit.

  • DO NOT DIVERT THE TOPIC. Stick to the topic or create a new thread for the new topic.

  • DO NOT SIGN YOUR POSTS. No signatures, no profile information or links attached to every post.

  • BE CIVIL. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or as hate speech.

  • KEEP IT CLEAN. Do not post anything obscene or sexually explicit.

  • RESPECT EACH OTHER. Do not harass or grief anyone, impersonate people, or expose their private information.

  • RESPECT OUR FORUM.** Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalize the forum.

Quoting Posts

  • DO NOT QUOTE THE FIRST POST. It is already assumed that you are replying to the post of the conversation starter. There’s no need to quote his/her message, unless he/she brought up numerous issues and you’re only replying to a couple of them.

  • QUOTE ONLY THE RELEVANT TEXT. Edit out the unnecessary text. Quote only the text that is directly applicable to your reply.

  • DO NOT QUOTE THE LAST POST OF A THREAD. Just tag the poster so as not to be redundant.

Posting Images

  • USE IMAGES SPARINGLY. Unless they contribute to the discussion, avoid posting images as much as possible.

  • NO OTHER FILES PLEASE. Limit your images to .png, .gif or .jpg files only.

Flagging Posts

  • HELP US KEEP PEYUPS CLEAN. Admins and Mods have limited time to check every post on this site. If you encounter posts that violate our posting guidelines, please flag the posts.

Remember that these are the General Posting Guidelines. Some of the forums have additional guidelines, do check their MOD Threads regularly for updates on those guidelines.