Birthday salu-salo for NCRPO chief Sinas amid ECQ

Pero meron silang ganitong hanash. This admin’s victim game is strrrooong


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Grabe mang-gaslight no? :sigh:

I hope it prospers.


Moro-moro yan to appease the public backlash. Ililipat lang naman ng unit yang si ungas.

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Oo nga eh. Huhu. But it still helps na naforce hand nila into doing this. Still a bit better than yung in your face displays of impunity nila. Hahay.

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I’m not sure if this is stupidity on his part or his superiors are deliberately making fun of him but the PNP should really at leasr find someone else to deliver the message.

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what would you have had Sinas do? congratulate those 5 policemen?

I think what everyone’s thinking is marami namang ibang pwede mag-announce, hindi si Debold.

Perhaps he wants to atone for his sin?

Parang too fresh pa para makamove on agad ang lahat, hence the backlash.:sweat_smile:

I don’t think anyone is really against the punishment against the 5 policemen, it’s just the height of hypocrisy that Sinas continues not only to hold his post, but issue reprimands and punishments against fellow policemen for violations he himself brazenly committed and has yet to see his own punishment for.

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Again, charges were already filed against him.

Why don’t you bash the UP Cebu 7? At least those were deliberate, they wanted to show government they can violate GCQ protocols.

Will you bash tomorrow’s protest in Diliman? Those will be the same violations.

Ganito na lang. Di makuha ng iba eh. Sa tanong na: what would you have had Sinas do? Simple, andun na sa post ko: Have someone else do the talking, in fact doing nothing now is much better. For his sakes and the PNP.

Its like a priest delivering a sermon on celibacy and abstinence, while his congregation is watching his kid running around the pews.

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That’s fair. But would you bash the protesters in Diliman tomorrow with the same gusto?

Resign. Because of, well I don’t exactly know, propriety perhaps?

Kung UP students na ang nag-eenforce ng quarantine protocols at nag-mañanita sila then by all means pagresign-in din natin sila sa pagiging UP students, with as much or even more gusto.

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Kasuhan din?

The pot calling the kettle black. Busit na busit ako jan kay Sinas


Yup sadly hindi makuha ng low-IQ PNP command.

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Ano’ng problema mo?

A good leader leads by example.