Ano ang luho mo?

Manipeds and waxing. Yun lang ang kakikayan na aaminin ko. :shy:

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In my 20s and 30s, luho ko ay bags, shoes, and clothes. Now in my 40s – travel! Local or abroad. Before Covid, every month, sumasakay ako eroplano para bumiyahe sa kung saan-saan. :airplane:

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Funko POP :embarass:

Same :embarasslaff: I read kasi when I was in my 20s, once I hit my 30s daw I gotta hit the anti-aging products hard and so I bought into that . Sad lang can’t use anything with retinol in it cause I’m breastfeeding. And when I hit 40 then I really gotta ramp it up with the fancy treatments. I know it’s not necessary and I’m probably wasting money, but I refuse to give up the fight until I’m 60 :rofl:

Oh, dagdag lang: since I got married, I’ve been slowly getting fancy dinnerware + cookware haha. Le Creuset :heavy_heart_exclamation:

And books are not luho for me, they’re basic necessities :rotfl:

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A piece of jewelry from a place I visited

  • sa Skincare, and I wish I started sooner

Toys, books, LEGO

+1 sa fancy dinnerware and cookware. Sign na tumatanda na talaga. :hahaha:

When I moved to my husband’s house, bumili ako ng electric griller (for DIY samgyup), 4L deep fryer (ang laki pala parang pang pyesta!), steamer, cast iron pan, at kinumpleto ko yung mga gamit nya sa kusina! From platito, can opener, different sizes ng pots, garlic crusher, gamit sa baking and all. I also bought a whole cabinet (8ft tall) para may lalagyan ako ng spices, condiments at stock ng food. Ang saya saya ko nung nakumpleto ko yung kusina namin. :jumpclap:


Food and travel.

Noon pa ito:

Hotel stays

Travel na lang gusto ko ikeep na luho


And gadgets, i guess?

Food and travel talaga
Movies and theater plays
Lately, home automation
May phase ako dati when I was still residing in Singapore na puro designer brands ang binibiling bags, shoes, apparel, and accessories (Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, Givenchy collection) but I stopped na when I started learning about investing.
Ngayon talaga ang luho ko is buying stocks, mostly blue chips. :embarasslaff:

Gacha game.

2 years ago, shoes. Ngayon, fountain pens. Pre-shelter-in-place, good haircuts.

Chef knives and quality cookware because I love to cook.
Shoes. I love to buy a new pair on a monthly basis :biglaugh:

Jordan at iba pang sneakers

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Ahahay! Gadgets at wearables!

Lego :help:


Dati wala.
Lately, vinyl records and concert tickets.

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