Vienna Teng

Any Warm Strangers here? :slight_smile: Just trying my luck. Pinaka paborito kong artist si Vienna Teng.
She writes her own songs (mala-Tori Amos) and, goodness… her lyrics are just beautiful. Her music speaks not just to my ears, but mind and soul as well.


Sail your sea
Meet your storm
All I want is to be your harbor

Yes, ayos sya pakinggan. Di ko na maalala exactly how I discovered her, pero nung high school naging drawn ako sa piano-based musical artists like Tori Amos dahil sa crush ko nung time na yun, hehehe.

Been listening to her since Warm Strangers was released, yun ang favorite ko. :slight_smile:


Yay! Apir! Ako naman I have been a fan since her debut album na Waking Hour up to her latest which is Aims album. She came here sa Manila, PH nung 2014 and was lucky enough to see her perform live.

She was everything I thought she’d be in person. Sobrang humble… nun lang ako sobrang na starstruck sa isang tao but at the same time I felt na parang long-time friend ko sya. Basta the experience was so surreal for me. :slight_smile: