NCR: From ECQ to GCQ

This was your original logic:

Following this, without moving the goalposts as you do, you are then saying the earlier we downgrade to GCQ, the better. Thus my previous post.

By the way, your statement of taking this every 15 days has no basis since the first ECQ was for 30 days.

@slaine given the erratic supply of testing kits and delays in reporting, these numbers for PH somehow make sense nga. will be interesting to compare may vs april now that we assume more steady testing routines, and also with companies helping out in testing since they want their employees to return to work soon.

although, if you ask me, i have a discomfort comparing PH with Cambodia and Vietnam given the huge differences in total cases.

here i’m comparing us with SoKor to illustrate how our countries reached the 10k mark over time. note however that SoKor’s population is around 51M vs. PH which is approx 109M


and because of this trend, i’m really hoping stringent measures pa rin kahit GCQ na to still lower the incidence of covid-19. at sana bigyan ng stimulus package ang microSMEs to help them bounce back.

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Agree in terms of comparing for no. of cases, i believe the point of lumping PH with the other countries in the region is to compare efforts among ASEAN member states, there are a number of factors affecting the numbers but the graphs really show drastic drops and a steady flattening in other countries in the region…

Also Cambodia and Vietnam are not that economically well-off when compared to PH so it really boils down to how sound the strategies are in flattening the curve which really goes beyond the numbers and the graphs.

Here are more data visualization from

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.39.03 PM

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.38.22 PM

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.38.37 PM

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 5.38.01 PM

15-day increments.

And yes, I still stand by my statement than extending ECQ to June 15 will be disastrous and very difficult to recover from.

Here you go:


No. 1 and 3 seem to be in conflict?

The ball is in IATF’s hands now. I think those with relatively fewer cases AND with a good number of hospital + quarantine beds available, should downgrade to GCQ after May 15.

Metro Manila is now in GCQ since yesterday, June 1. Is there anyone who has tried to travel intercity within MM? Did you undergo checkpoints?


Went around Pasig, Mandaluyong and QC today in a private vehicle. No checkpoints…


They dismantled the barangay checkpoint in our area (Bulacan) this morning. The checkpoint/chokepoint at the boundary between Bulacan and Caloocan City was still there this afternoon but the officers are not checking anymore and just waving away vehicles. Traffic however is relatively heavy even without PUVs.

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Without a rapid pass?

I’ve been wanting to go to QC, but afraid I might get pulled over. Non-essential naman isaw.

From the news, PNP will flag vehicles in random.

@slaine @yatta - Interesting that they seem to be very lenient na sa mga checkpoint.

I’ve seen that Grab Car resumed operations too but with limited operating hours. I guess those wouldn’t be strictly checked din as to what the purpose of travel is? Unless ma-randomly check nga sila.

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That’s all they can really do at this point given their limited capacity…

I have a friend who drove to Pampanga from Rizal during MECQ. Apat sila sa car. Was not stopped at all.

Two weeks ago, drove from QC to Manila din. Wala rin nanita.

I noticed may checkpoint naman but ang mga napapara (nung dumaan ako) ay mga motorsiklo. Binababaan ko rin minsan ng bintana (tapos sabihin ko ng malakas: boss, chief) sabay kaway :wave2: Ewan ko kung nakakatulong. Gawain ko rin yan pag mahuhuli ng pulis (pretend lost and ask question) :lol:


Wala naman naninita na. Ang weird lang, sa UPD during the ECQ, vehicles could come and go, pero since the GCQ, pinapara na ng mga guard sa “tusok” yung mga papasok, kinukuha temperature scan and then tatanungin saan ang punta.

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^same sa supermarkets. Noong ECQ temp check lang. Ngayong GCQ, hinihingi ang quarantine pass.


I might go to QC tomorrow… We’ll see if they’re going to flag me down. Hopefully not…

May nakapagbyahe na ba from MM to Cainta?

Drove from Manila to Bicol. Checkpoints are still there but mostly to get you to slow down. Nobody is stopping to check you, except once at Quezon Province, where they waved for me to stop and asked where I came from and where I’m going. After that its all good.

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may travel pass ka @Yatta?

Well I do have an IATF pass valid until the end of the month. But they are not checking it.