Politics (From the point of view of a handsome man)

I don’t really give a damn.

My role in this society is not to feed the poor. Neither I am here to point out what’s wrong and what’s right. I’m just a handsome face and that can’t change the world.

I don’t know what’s good for this country nor do I pretend to know. All I know is that in this life, you have to work for everything you need and want. If you want a house, build one. If you want food, cook. If you have money, buy. And in my case, I could use my charm. But in no case will someone get what he needs, or what he wants, by not doing anything.

Since I don’t know what’s good for this country, I seldom talk about what’s good for this country. And on this rare occasion that I would talk about my political beliefs, please don’t condemn me if I don’t make sense, for as I have already said, I am just a handsome face.

Sometimes, I want to think that I am more than just a handsome face. Because even if I say that I don’t give a damn, the truth is, I do. But then, politics is not something that I look or want to look at everyday. It’s not that because Post’s Fruit and Fibre is made in the US, I should feel less patriotic every time I have breakfast. When I’m starving, all I could think of is food and I would be scared of the day, when the first thing I do in the morning is check whether the brand of my breakfast meal is foreign or not, and if it’s foreign, if the country respects the national integrity of the Philippines and the sovereignty of its people. I’m just thankful that I’m handsome, I need not worry about having principle.

But sometimes, I’m called dumb. But I don’t care. But when I say I don’t care, it doesn’t really mean I don’t care at all. All I mean is that when some people, claiming to have principles and open minds, tell me that this government sucks and I say that I think our country is recovering, and they start peppering me with things like oppression and bourgeoisie, I don’t waste much time giving counter-arguments and proving my point. After all, they have their own principles and they have open minds, they should have already known the exact opposite of what they believe in. And I have a handsome face. So what’s the point?

This is going to be boring, but please bear with me, I seldom talk about advocacies.

My point is, there are so many beautiful things on this earth and they are discovering more in the outer space. So why concern yourself with all the bad things in life? When I go out, I see bad roads, garbage on sidewalks, smoke in the air, starving kids along the street, and over garbed hookers waiting for customers. I tell myself: “This country is struggling to survive.” I would not blame the government for all these miseries. The president is not a God, she’s not even a fairy. These things could not be changed overnight. And when I arrive at where I am supposed to go, I would not open a conversation about the effects of the imperialist motives of America on the fashion of the hookers.

I don’t blame anyone except the one who caused the immediate deterioration of the road, the person who disposed his garbage improperly, the driver who drove the vehicle despite its emissions, the irresponsible parents, and the bad fashion sense of the hookers. They are not anyone else’s fault. I perform my role in this society and I couldn’t do more. And I wouldn’t do more. I am just a handsome face and my favorite actress is Joyce Jimenez, and it’s not because her movies depict the real state of the Philippine society as a consequence of the one-sided economic relations of the Philippines with the United States, but because I have a thing for morenas.

Ask: where did that come from?

And it won’t make any difference if a handsome man like me marches on the street, carrying a red flag, calling every government official a puppy of Uncle Sam’s, and advocate communist ideas. I don’t even believe communism can do wonders to this country. I would not pretend to be fighting for workers’ rights and land reform, when in fact, I don’t believe in private sector employment and private ownership of lands. And I would not insist that Aubrey Miles’ movie is a picture of poverty, caused by the elitism in the government and it’s ignorance of the plight of the oppressed in the light of the impending war by the US against Iraq, in furtherance of America’s pursuit to dominate the world in the guise of War Against Terror, in addition to its already powerful hand in the World Trade Organization, sanctioned in the Philippines by the president’s support for trade liberalization. That’s just too much blah-blah a handsome man like me could handle.

I can’t believe I’m saying all these things but I’m trying hard to give justice to the handsome title of this article. I just realized how hard it is to talk about politics and principles and maintain hold the readers’ attention at the same time. But don’t worry, I am handsome and I hope that thought would kept you interested on my thoughts.